Reopen, Recover, Reflect, Reset – Rethinking the Future for Tourism

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Wednesday, November 4 2020 2:00 PM 4:00 PM

Reopen, Recover, Reflect, Reset – Rethinking the Future for Tourism.  In 2019 the £1.9bn injected into the local economy by 35m visitors supported almost 23,000 jobs. This year, following the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, Visit Britain forecasts a 49% decrease in domestic tourism expenditure which will impact on the viability of businesses and employment in the sector. There are also predictions that it will take until 2024 for international tourism to recover. Tourism is largely a seasonal business and the pandemic has impacted heavily on the peak months between Easter and October on which many businesses depend. Most UK tourism businesses are also SMEs with around 90% employing less than 25 people. The large number, diversity and small scale of businesses in the tourism industry makes the calculation of the impact of the pandemic on the sector more difficult. One thing is for certain however, businesses will have to adapt, diversify and embrace the new normal if they are to thrive. This event will enable tourism businesses to hear from industry leaders about their experiences and predictions to help rethink a future for local tourism and reset their plans. There will also be an opportunity to hear about initiatives that are being designed to help the visitor economy get back to its pre-Covid baseline.  

This event is aimed at those involved in the management and marketing of local tourism businesses in both the leisure and business tourism sectors. These tourism sectors include sports, art and culture, heritage, indoor and outdoor visitor attractions, food and drink, hotels and other accommodation providers, conference centres, transport providers as well as the public sector and charitable trusts.  

Attendees will gain valuable sector intelligence on emerging tourism trends and insights into future initiatives for the leisure and business tourism sectors to be delivered in Leicester and Leicestershire. This event also offers an opportunity to share ideas and learn from other tourism business leaders.


14:00 – Welcome and the visitor economy in 2020 – Pete Spriggs, Clearer Thinking

Part 1- Reopen

Twycross Zoo Reopens- A story of survival, resilience and innovation – Dr Sharon Redrobe OBE – CEO, Twycross Zoo
Manging a social business in a time of social distance– How hospitality businesses are surviving the pandemic -   Sam Hagger, Founder & Director,  Beautiful Pubs Collective

Part 2 – Recover

Supporting Local Recovery – Place Marketing Team, Leicester & Leicestershire

Leicester & Leicestershire Business Tourism Service– Samantha Hall, Business Tourism Manager
Uncover the Story – Local tourism campaign for 2021-  Susan Littlemore, Place Marketing Manager

Part 3 - Reflect

Reflecting on the new tourism landscape – Adapting to new consumer behaviour and future trends to navigate an uncertain future. Laura Van Eeckhout, Client Partner, Foresight Factory
Reflections on the future for the hotel sector – James Conaghan, General Manager, Novotel & Adagio Leicester

Part 4 - Reset

Reset for a better future 

Sustainable Tourism  and a Green Recovery- John Everitt - CEO National Forest Company


Pete Spriggs, Clearer Thinking

Dr Sharon Redrobe OBE - CEO Twycross Zoo

John Everitt - CEO National Forest Company

Sam Hagger - Founder & Director, The Beautiful Pubs Collective 

James Conaghan -  General Manager, Novotel & Adagio Leicester

Visit Britain’s Future Trends Agency (TBC)

Samantha Hall - Business Tourism Manager, Place Marketing Team

Susan Littlemore - Place Marketing Manager, Place Marketing Team

Sally Coleman - Strategic Tourism Manager, Place Marketing Team

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